Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager was created in 2011. After releasing version 1.0, the web community allowed AAM to speak for itself as it has become one of the most popular access manager plugins on WordPress with over 850k downloads. Such a positive response suggested that we had created a powerful tool that would allow businesses and individuals to further control and customize the access of their websites. In 2016 we have released AAM version 3 with the main focus on design, simplicity, power and usability.

Today, AAM is one of the most popular access control plugins. It is an easy-to-use, but at the same time, very powerful tool that gives you a flexible control over your either single WordPress site or Multisite Network. With AAM, you are allowed to configure access to different parts of your website for any role, individual user or visitor.

Check the frequently asked questions belong to get a better understanding on AAM subject.