AAM Login Redirect

Customize login redirect for any user role or user after authentication is completed successfully. read more

AAM ConfigPress

Advanced configuration settings to manipulate AAM core functionality. read more

Manage Access To WordPress Backend Menu

Learn how to manage access to WordPress backend menu with Advanced Access Manager plugin. read more

AAM Content Teaser

Create a teaser message for your posts and pages and display it instead of full content. read more

WordPress Development Wisdom

Lean about five simple development rules that will help you to create a high quality WordPress applications. read more

AAM Role Hierarchy

Extend core AAM implementation and allow to create complex role hierarchy where all access settings are inherited from parent role unless overwritten. read more

AAM Redirect Extension

Very simple way to manage access denied behavior with AAM Redirect extension. read more

Manage access to posts and pages

Learn how to manage access to WordPress posts and categories with Advanced Access Manager plugin and AAM Plus Package extension. read more

AAM Utilities

The reference guide to Advanced Access Manager Utilities tab with short explanation for each option. read more

WordPress Access Denied handling

How to control "Access Denied" behavior with Advanced Access Manager and ConfigPress plugins. read more

WordPress media access control

Manage physical access to all your WordPress media files with easy-to-use Advanced Access Manager. read more

Introduction to AAM

Advanced Access Manager (aka AAM) is a WordPress plugin that you can download for free from Official WordPress Plugin Repository. The plugin’s name is self-explanatory and it perfectly fits the main purpose. read more

How to avoid hard-coding in WordPress plugin

Hard-coding always was considered as a bad coding practice. It is well-known as anti-pattern and usually is the first indicator of poor code quality. This is one of many reasons why majority of good developers try to avoid it for any cost. read more

WordPress - two sides of the coin

After some time working for marketing agencies and dealing with small businesses, I got a much better understanding why most of clients prefer to have their websites run on WordPress. read more

Hello world! Life as a software developer

"Hello world!" is like "Mama" for a new born baby - the first words that every "newly born" software developer uses to open the communication channel with a computer. read more